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If you are interested in the SSS family history and genealogy and interested in receiving our newsletter and/or our Family Gatherings which occur every five years where we learn more about our family history, please contact
Jim Smoker, current President, via, or
Stacey Delsh, Secretary, via

The SSS Family Association was formed in 1976 to promote the history and genealogy of our family. We have over 1700 individuals from the US and Canada on our mailing list. The first Schmucker to immigrate to America in 1754, Christian Schmucker, was an "Anabaptist Teacher" who left Switzerland seeking religious freedom. His route to America took him to Germany and Montbeliard, France and on to America with his family. Members have access to our SSS Family facebook page (restricted) and to the SSS Genealogy database which is housed at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster, PA.

The SSS Family Association will hold its 45th Year SSS Family Gathering in Smithville, Ohio at the Smithville Mennonite Church July 22nd through July 24th.

This family-centered event will feature guest speakers on a variety of topics including: self-guided tours of family historic sites, family DNA, family genealogy, family history, and activities for younger attendees of family members. Planning is in the early stages and we are looking for volunteers for a variety of tasks. Individuals residing in the Smithville-Orrville, Ohio interested in assisting in this effort should contact Stacey Delsh at

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Ralph Smucker Audio File

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Henri and Barbara Schmucker Descendents
By Dan Miller

Download Henri and Barbara Schmucker Descendents By Dan Miller

Download Darvin Martin's SSS DNA Presentation
from the 40th Anniversary SSS Family Gathering

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Please e-mail Jim Smoker at
Call him at 717-292-4709 or write to:
Jim Smoker, 3435 Bull Road, York, Pa 17408-9755

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To add a family member to our mailing list or to update your contact information, please notify Jerry Smoker via e-mail at, by mail: Jerry Smoker, 1514 Hollywood Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601, or phone 717-397-8052. We'd like to capture as many e-mail addresses as possible to reduce our mailing costs for newsletters.